Yvonne Nelson: Trouble in paradise as actress deletes photos and unfollows baby daddy on Instagram


Yvonne Nelson

It looks like Yvonne Nelson is the latest celebrity to be facing a relationship crisis following her latest Instagram move.

There seems to be trouble in paradise in the relationship between Yvonne Nelson and her baby daddy, Jamie as they have both unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted their photos too.

Even though Yvonne Nelson has been a bit private about her relationship with her baby daddy, this new development sparks off the end of what was perceived as an amazing relationship.

It is not clear why they have decided to unfollow each other and delete all the sweet memories they both shared but a close look at Yvonne's Instagram page shows that the beautiful actress is moving on smoothly.


It would be recalled that Yvonne Nelson welcomed her daughter in 2017 leaving fans and admirers shocked and guessing who the identity of the father of the child was.


Yvonne Nelson's baby daddy finally exposed


When the news of Yvonne Nelson's pregnancy and giving birth broke, fans and followers began to wonder who the father of the child was and it didn't take long before his identity was revealed.

It was discovered that Yvonne's baby daddy is a British born photographer simply identified as Jamie who is based in London.

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Yvonne Nelson's baby daddy denies being married


Yvonne Nelson's baby daddy, James has come out to deny claims that he is married to the lady been speculated to be his wife. The British born photographer, made  his known on Instagram when a fan tried to call him out about being married. Well, James went straight to the point to correct the fan's opinion.

“I'm not married… but whatever works for you,” he ended his response.

Yvonne Nelson spends some cosy time with baby daddy


Back in December after his identity was revealed, Jamie was spotted chilling and having a nice time with Yvonne Nelson. A video of the beautiful actress has surfaced online where she is seen on a boat cruise with her baby daddy and they both look amazing and happy together.

Also, the Ghanaian movie goddess posted a short video on her Instagram account on Friday, December 1st, 2017 where she and James are both seen goofing around.