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It’s a countdown already to the New Year, I pray as 2018 comes to an end in few hours, all your Sorrows and that of your family comes to and end also 🙏

It’s definitely going to be a fresh beginning for us all in 2019. By this time next year, we all will have more than 1 million reasons to be happy and Thankful to God for 🙏

So guys, we published this post on Christmas day here on Naijaloaded 👇

CHRISTMAS:- Is It Right For A Muslim To Eat Christmas Food?

We sincerely don’t mean to be Controversial or trying to cause any Religious trouble/misunderstanding among our Fans, we just want to learn and that’s all.

We handle Religious matters like this carefully so we don’t step on any toes but at the same time, it serves as an avenue to know the do’s and don’ts of our various religion.

That’s the intention we had when we published the post on Christmas day to know if it’s acceptable for Muslim to eat Christmas food since some Christians already said it’s abnormal for Christians to eat Muslim Sallah ram.

Some months ago, we also put up a similar post and below is the link 👇

SALLAH:- Is It Right For A Christian To Eat The Muslim Ram?

After we put up this post on Christmas day, we got a whole lot of comments, some blasted us but some matured minds dropped their comments and it was facts revealing while some are just pure insults (We appreciate you all for your comments). At least, I learned somethings I never knew about Islam before on Christmas day 😜

There are loads of Interesting comments on the post but a particular comments caught our attention and we decided to put it up so you all can read & learn also.

The person used the name “Mef Computers” and below is what he said (You can Click HERE to see his exact comment on the post).

Below is what he said:-

According to him:- It’s a Sin when you deliberately eat Christmas food as a Muslim.

Muslim scholars & knowledgeable Christians in the House 👇

Is He Correct Or Just Spitting Trash?

We look forward to reading from you all.

Have your say in the comment section below.

God bless us all 🙏


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