You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: The Nigerian Police is the worst and we all know it


Corruption in the police service of Nigeria is scaring.

Truth be told, we have known that the Nigeria Police has been the worst for years.

Is the Nigerian Police the worst in the world? Absolutely yes. There is no other way to see it.

What baffles me is how the rest of the world didn't know this. The news came as no surprise to many Nigerians. The Nigerian Police Force has stopped being the friend of the people for a long time at least since I was born.

The top brass of the NPF can deny the low ranking but we the citizens of Nigeria know the truth.  Nigerian police officers are roadside tax collectors who wield rusty AK-47s.

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A friend of mine once said, when you see armed robbers on the road, don't run. However, when you see police officers, take speed. In one famous skit in a 2face Idibia album, it was said that there is no difference between armed robbers and policemen.

I stand to be corrected but I can't recollect the Nigerian Police ever solving a crime, even a petty one. When I watch CSI Miami or any foreign police TV series I laugh. I can't picture our men in blue cracking murder cases.

I have more faith in the Super Eagles getting to the World Cup than our police officers. I have more faith in Arsenal winning the Champions League than our police system getting its act right.

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Pardon me, but I don't see Constable Okafor or Inspector Mukaila doing anything apart from drinking paraga.

The sins of our police officers are much, killing of innocent people, (alleged) illegal arrests by SARS, and the extortion of motorists are some of the crimes of the men in blue.


The Nigerian Police Force because it belongs to a corrupt and inefficient system. This system killed NEPA/PHCN. This system produced the semi-illiterate Kaduna teachers. This system that has led to a virtual collapse of our health system.

To be fair, we shouldn't expect much from our police officers. They get paid peanuts and don't get their salaries on time. There isn't really much of a health insurance or life insurance for these men who put their lives of the line.

They have to fend for themselves and taxing bus drivers on the road is just one way for them to survive.

Not all our police officers are bad. Some of them are brave and have paid the ultimate price like the police officers who were killed in a bank robbery in Owerri.


Instead of huffing and puffing and rejecting the report, the bosses of the Nigerian Police Force have to swallow the bitter truth and make changes.

Presently, the Nigerian Police Force is a waste.