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    “Yemi Sax has returned in Flamboyant fashion! The Nigerian pioneer of sax/smooth jazz remix is set to release a new album titled JALTOS.

    So good they call him the ‎Nigeria’s Sax King and the Africa’s Sax Oracle, the dreaded multi instrumentalist, music producer and vocalist, Yemi Sax broke months of silence “Not releasing music material” by unveiling the Front cover art to his new Saxophone compilation album which he named JALTOS.

    Yemi Sax has also unleashed an epoch sax version to the elegant songs “HELLO” originally by Adele and the Jump single “WHAT DO YOU MEAN” by Justin Bieber.

    JALTOS, Just A Little Twist Of Sax as defined by the renowned saxophonist “Yemi Sax”, will be his 5th sophomore Saxophone compilation album following Exclusive in 2012, Virtuoso in 2010, Saxophone Mood in 2008 and Flavour 1 in 2005.

    The album according to Yemi Sax promises to be ‎another exhibition of creativity, dexterity, and endowment. Hence; a stirring melody you can’t ignore.

    The album drops digitally and on shelves nationwide come the 23rd of November 2015 by MuziQGlobe World/YemiSax Entertainment Empire.”




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