Women Are Foolish And Men Are Wicked — Says Relationship Counsellor


A description to end all descriptions! Veteran relationship counsellor Opanin Kwadwo Kyere has some harsh words for both men and women as he dishes out some relationship advice.

According to Opanyin Kyere, some women who describe men as foolish for spending on them are themselves exhibiting more foolishness than the men they are insulting.

“Those who say ‘I’ve got some foolish man who spends on me recklessly, who doesn’t know what to use his money for’, that’s what you say when you girls meet? Well as for us men, we don’t even describe you as foolish, we call you animals”. he said during a recent relationship seminar.

“You are the one who gets pregnant, I the man, do I get pregnant? You have finished university, had four bouts of abortion, 5 years, 10 years in marriage, you can’t give birth, I know I’m the cause of this thing but if at best I don’t divorce you, I’ll get a girlfriend, have a baby by her and bring the child for you to take care of; of the two of us, who is more stupid?” he queried.

Turning his ire on man, the counsellor continued: “You describe us as fools, we are not fools, we are wicked! Very wicked! Wickedness at its highest! Foolish, wicked men”, he said.