Woman falls victim to mystery ‘semen thrower’


    When Mehak Sabat felt something sticky on her leg, she assumed it was just water.

    The liquid had been thrown at her as she stopped at a traffic signal on her way to work at a media company in Mumbai, India.

    But after brushing the liquid off with her hand, she was horrified to discover the liquid was in fact ‘semen’.

    ‘I was horrified to find semen sticking to my skin and my immediate reaction was to wipe it off,’ she told BuzzFeed.

    ‘In the past I have had men peer into the auto and throw water so I thought something similar had happened this time too.’

    She tried to find the mystery semen-thrower but by the time she had realised, the traffic had started moving again.

    Instead, she wrote about her ordeal on her Twitter page

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