Why Be So Mean To Each Other When Death Is What Awaits Us All? — A Shaken Gifty Anti Asks


Gifty Anti

The death of dancehall sensation Ebony has left many Ghanaians thinking about their own mortality and what this life means at all.

A 20 year old girl, cut down in her prime, for seemingly no reason at all.

Veteran broadcaster Gifty Anti is one person trying to make sense of this disturbing incident.

In a post on Instagram, the new mother wonders why we spend so much time backstabbing each other and basically trying to tear each other down when in the end, death awaits us all.

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“Wow!!! Hmmmm Life…. So really what is the hassle all about? The hurting each other, being wicked to each other, being jealous and doing everything you can to destroy someone’s happiness, the betrayals, the disappointments…. what’s all that about? The strong desire to destroy someone’s reputation?” she wondered.

“Why do we do these things to each other? So that in the end what? Lydia Forson sums it up beautifully… S3 asa,’ she said.

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