Take Tiffany Out When Talking About Ghanaian Female Rappers — Feli Nuna


Feli Nuna has laid down the gauntlet for all female rappers in Ghana, hitting out at Tiffany and anointing herself as the best.

Speaking in a recent interview with ZionFelix, the rapper tore into Tiffany when asked about her, saying she has not released any music in a long time so should not be considered as a rapper.

“Did you say Tiffany raps?” Nuna responded sharply when asked whether Tiffany is part of those female rappers who might be better than her.

“She hasn’t released any song in a while so you can’t bring her into this comparison”.

However, in reference to any other female rapper in Ghana, Nuna insists that she’s better than all of them.

“There are few female rappers in Ghana but among them I believe I’m the best.” she said.