Style Profile: Blogger, Cassie Daves, wears what she likes and looks good doing it


Cassie Daves Stuns in Denim-on-demin ensemble

Whether Cassie is rocking a casual, vintage or elegant look, she never fails to make everything about tall girl fashion look cute.

Being tall has its own style rules. Lifestyle blogger, Entrepreneur and Medical Doctor, Cassie Daves is definitely owning her style, wears what she likes and looks good doing it.


Cassandra “Cassie Daves” Ikegbune is an award-winning blogger, medical doctor and entrepreneur with a unique style ranging from vintage casual to chic formal. With a large organic follower base on Instagram, she feeds her audience with content based on Fashion, lifestyle, travel, books. She is the also the creator of the Cassie Daves Blog Planner.

On the top of the list of why her followers adore her is how comfortable she always looks in her body and clothes. Androgynous, fun and laid back, she is a professional at picking what suits her slim, tall frame. From many of her style choices, Cassie has a flair for bright and bold patterns, denim and pleated skirts.

It hasn’t been all roses for Cassie, as she has received some backlash about her laid back style, even from her father. Her tweet from February quotes her dad:

“I know you think that you know fashion but let me tell you that you don’t. Sometimes you look like someone going to throw dustbin.”


This made her pen an open letter to her parents about her personal style in which she says:

“I’m all about comfort and would put on whatever makes me feel comfortable and more like myself.”


Take a look at why we love Cassie Daves’ wardrobe.