Star Wars auction includes 600 amazing collectibles you can't afford




This might be worth taking out a loan from Jabba the Hutt

A massive collection of rare and unique Star Wars merchandise is going to be auctioned off just days before the release of “The Force Awakens.”

Sotheby’s, among the most famous auction houses in the world, is planning to offer around 600 Star Wars collectibles that had belonged to Japanese designer Nigo. The auction is scheduled for December 11. “The Force Awakens” is scheduled to debut on December 18.

Among the haul is a rare Luke Skywalker figurine, Darth Vader and Stromtrooper helmets, and two sets of “Power of the Force” coins that are expected to fetch the highest bid. Sotheby’s is estimating between $25,000 and $30,000. Read more…

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