Special Appeal: Man deported from India cries out over stranded family [Photos]


Onu James Chukwudi wants to brign his family back to Nigeria from India

A young Nigerian who was deported from India is reaching out to kind-hearted Nigerians to assist him to bring back his stranded family.

A Nigerian man, Onu James Chukwudi, who was deported from India on the allegation that he was staying there illegally has cried out to the Federal Government, the Nigerian High Commission in the Asian country and kind-hearted Nigerians.

Chukwudi, a native of Ebonyi State who sent in the heartbreaking via email to Pulse, said while he was in India, he had a thriving restaurant and medical tourism business but everything has gone under.


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But that is the least of Chukwudi's worries as his family are now stranded in that country with no means of livelihood and he can't afford to raise the money they will need to pay for their fare back to Nigeria.

He narrated that when he was deported, he was not allowed to take anything while his family which is made up of his wife and three children are now living in an Internally Displaced People's camp after they were thrown out of their apartment due to bills accumulation.

This is the appeal Chukwudi sent to Pulse:

“My name is Onu James Chukwudi, from Ebonyi State. I was recently deported from India and my family are still stranded in India without any means of survival.


My account was frozen and my restaurant and medical tourism management business closed down over my expired visa.

I was deported without even my shoe laces; my family are have been kicked out of our house over unpaid bills and currently live like refugees and stay in an IDP Camp in New Delhi, India.

The amount for the air fare is N1.3 million which also include the accumulated charges which is charged on a person whose visa has expired on a daily basis by the Indian government.

I appeal to you to use your platform to appeal to well-meaning Nigerians to help me raise money for their air ticket back home.


These are my details in case anyone wants to help out:

Phone: 09034343394

Bank details:

Onu James Chukwudi



Email: cj.busco@yahoo.com.

May God almighty bless you as you do so.”

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We appeal to Nigerians to kindly help Chukwudi with the needed funds to get his family back to Nigeria.