Relationship Talk: My girl lies all the time but I can’t bring myself to dump her


My girlfriend only feeds me lies all the time.

She says she loves me but she lies a lot. In fact, she only feeds me lies all the time.

Dear Bukky,

Hello, I need your advice please.

I have been dating this girl for over one year now. She says she loves me but she lies a lot.

She told me she was raped by her ex-boyfriend (meanwhile after the rape she went to him two days later and had sex with him in the presence of his brother) and got pregnant for him.

A pregnancy she aborted when she was in secondary school. She broke up with the guy after that but the last time she travelled home she saw the guy and he invited her to his house to talk.

When she got to his house, he forced her again, according to her.

She didn’t tell me about this and in fact when I asked her, she said nothing happened.

It was only until I contacted an STI from her that she told me about the encounter. I ended up treating her and myself.

Now I’ve traveled again and her friend from the same town told me that my girlfriend is seeing another guy, something she has again denied.

I don’t know how to break up with her because I love her very much. Please what do I do?
Dear reader,

If all you said is true, there can be no two ways about this. You’ve got to let her go.

Not only does she lie about grievous things as rape, she also cheats. Come on, how much more does she have to do for you to realise how toxic this is to you?

Trust is a base on which relationships should stand. It’s clearly corroded in your relationship. So you’re standing on really dangerous ground.

Your relationship is at stake and so is your health, obviously. If she’s having unprotected sex with other people and infecting you with diseases, you’ve got to reconsider your position with her.

I get how difficult it must be to let go of the known in search of the uncertain but this devil you know really can’t be better than the angel you’re yet to see.

You don’t have to hold on to something bad just because of the familiarity. There’s something better waiting to be experienced. Go out and make yourself receptive to it.

That girl's not good for you. Dump her.
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