Pulse Tips: 4 important things to search for in a new/used car


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Make the following things are in your car before you pay for it.

A lot of things go into buying a car.

However, none of those things are as important as the following.

So, before you buy that new or second-hand car, make sure these things are in it and are functional.

  • Airbags- A lot of people take these things for granted, but they are very important. In fact, they could make difference between the passenger(s) surviving an accident or losing their lives. If you are buying a used car, make sure you find out if they have been deployed in the past.

  • Brake lines- Before buying a car, check out the brake lines. Make sure they are not rusted, damaged, or leaking brake fluid.

  • Steering and suspension parts.

  • Headlight lenses- Look out for scars, scratches, gouges, cracks or moisture. These things can dim your light and shorten the lifespan of the bulb inside.