Pulse Opinion: Why have celebrities stopped talking about Libya?



    A week after Libya trended, why have Nigerian celebrities gone quiet about it?

    Since the news broke about the slave trade in Libya, the buzz and protest have been massive including that of celebrities.

    Just before the end of November 2017, a number of celebrities took to their various social media pages where the made their voices known about what they perceived as a crime against humanity.

    This was seen as a welcome development by many because celebrities are known to have a huge presence not just in media but also on social media. This was one protest that everyone felt the voice of the celebrities could really make a difference and huge impact in the plight of those who have been traded off as slaves in Libya.


    Well just like most trending topics and how these celebrities react to issues, the moment the news stopped trending, they stopped talking about it. Maybe these celebrities don't really care about the plight of the Nigerians trapped in Libya but only just felt the need to join in the bandwagon and not feel left out.


    This is not to say these celebrities might not sincerely care or have these guys in mind, but the truth is many will say they have aired their minds and helped trend the topic so it is now left for the appropriate authorities to take it up from there. This school of thought is totally right and we pray the government presses further to get these slaves released and flown back to their various countries.

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    After all said and done, celebrities should not talk about the Libya slave trade when it is in the news but also see to it that efforts are made to help these guys like donating to organisations that are focused on getting Nigerians out of Libya.

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