Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers approve of motorcycle seizure by Police


Seized bikes

The Police force, Lagos state command, has been given permission to seize motorcycles(Okadas).

On Monday, November 16th, one hundred and five motorcycles were impounded by the Lagos State Joint Task Force Team for disregarding traffic rules.

According to the Head of the Joint Task Force, Mr. Olatunji Disu, this is part of the team’s effort to ensure that road users obey the State’s traffic laws and regulations.


This happened after the new Chairman/Chief Executive, Chris Olakpe of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) said all motorcyclists must limit their movement to approved roads or face prosecution and seizure of their machines.


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Based on all of the above, readers were asked if it was a good idea for motorcycles to be seized.

Everyone said yes.

What do you think?