Pulse List: 10 shocking thoughts that will block your success


Man in thought

If you want to be successful and remain successful, here are 10 thoughts you should completely do away with:

The mind is a very powerful tool. In fact in my opinion, the human mind is the most powerful tool available to anyone.

That’s why a lot of motivational speakers tend to stress that our thoughts usually manifests in our day to day lives. If you think it, there is a very high possibility that it will come to pass.


If you want to be successful and remain successful, here are 12 thoughts you should completely do away with:

  • Comparing yourself with others: Look in the mirror for your only competition. There is no other version of you, so there is no point in making such comparisons.

  • Trusting no one: Experiences usually make us skeptical when it comes to trusting people. Some of us cannot even trust ourselves. Trust begets trust and no man is no island, so if you cannot even trust anyone, at least trust yourself.

  • Worrying about other people’s opinions: For as long as you are preoccupied with what other people think, you will be possessed by their thoughts. The unhappiest people you will ever come across are people that care about what other people think.


  • Allowing problems sink you: Overthinking a situation turns into a problem and like they say, its not the problem that matters, its ow you deal with it that matters. If it is out of your control, let go and it be.

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  • Thinking you can control everything: Most of the time we like to think we have control over what happens, or doesn’t happen. That’s a false thought to have because it is literally impossible. You cannot control everything but you can definitely control how you respond.

  • Absence of faith in yourself: Doubt will kill your dreams faster than failure will. Not having faith in yourself twists things and makes matters needlessly twisted and worse than they actually are.

  • Letting negativity rule: When negativity form the core of your thoughts, there is no room for positivity to take root. Train your mind to see the good in everything.


  • Holding on to the past: If all you do is think about the past and dwell on what went wrong, the temptation to do things the same way will overwhelm you – making you the same old victim. Success is about understanding the past not living in it.

  • Conflicted feelings about the struggle: Every struggle you go through makes you stronger and wiser – never forget that.  

  • Not taking a break: Good things take time so being hard on yourself all the time will not accomplish much. More often than not, there is usually a lesson to be learnt be we can get going.