Pulse Blogger: Mining & Agriculture;the only solution to unemployment


A newer dimension of the mining and agricultural sector is needed.

The fact is, we are deviating from solving the real problem by cooking up unrealistic solutions to Nigeria’s problem.

“Make good grades to secure a good job” was the song our teachers sang to us back then in secondary school, only to get to the higher institution and discover that the lyric had changed to “make good grades and acquire a skill to work with after graduation”.


Now, the question is, if everyone is self employed, who is going to work for whom? Are we really sure that self employment would solve Nigeria's problem? The fact is, we are deviating from solving the real problem by cooking up unrealistic solutions to Nigeria's problem.

Not everybody has the capacity of running a successful business. We all are not gifted to successfully manage people and resources. Some people’s capabilities lie in receiving instructions and executing it perfectly while some are good in giving these instructions and monitoring.

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It is so disheartening that after five years of studying hard in the University, some people have to put up with a kind of work that they are not pleased with just to survive. What could be the cause of this?  Could it be the laziness of the government or what?

There are millions of tons of solid minerals in this country; fertile land for agriculture is not lacking either. These two sectors could help boost the economy but can't be ventured into by an average man because they are capital intensive. This is why the government is in the perfect position to execute these two projects. We are tired of the asinine speech of some leaders and avaricious need of fighting for their own purse.

Thousands of tons of ore reserves are deposited across different states of the country, examples are lead, iron, coal, marble, gold, limestone, etc. From the mining perspective, focusing on the mining of iron ore alone is enough to sustain the economy, how much more from the agricultural sector; we are too blessed to be suffering in this wonderful country.

So many fruits germinate without planting them but still we do not appreciate this blessing.


School these days could be termed as scam because students no longer read to understand but to pass and in the course of that, they lack the ability to apply what they have been taught in the field because all they did in school was to cram and pass.

These are few of the problems we face in this country. Until we can have a government that is ready to take up mining and agriculture as our means of survival in this country, I doubt if we would be able to solve the problem of unemployment.

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Until we have rich men who do not just build hotels, clubs, and filling stations all around that become liabilities to the society, the problem of unemployment cannot be solved. Hotels, clubs and filling stations only take from the society monetarily and do not create better employment opportunities with good pay checks.

How much would be paid to a filling station attendant or the receptionist of a hotel? We need government to launch into a newer dimension of the mining and agricultural sector. Until then, Nigeria will continue to fight unemployment and crime rate would always increase due to this.

Written by OBAGz Blessing