Politics: David Davis says the UK hasn't produced a single Brexit impact assessment as he's 'not a fan' of them



The Brexit Secretary told the committee for leaving the EU that assessments into how Brexit might affect individual sectors do not exist.

  • David Davis admits Brexit impact papers on individual sectors do not exist.
  • The Brexit Secretary has previously claimed that assessments exist in “excruciating” detail.
  • Davis told MPs that he is “not a fan” of economic models.

LONDON — Brexit Secretary David Davis has admitted that the UK government has not produced assessments into how Brexit might impact individual sectors of the British economy.

Davis told the Brexit committee that the “usefulness” of producing of detailed impact assessments into specific sectors was “near-zero,” despite having previously suggested that such assessments existed.

“We've already got 50, nearly 60 sector analyses already done,” Davis claimed in June this year. Committee members also quoted examples of Davis using the word “impact” earlier this year.

In October, Davis said the assessments had been conducted in “excruciating” detail.

However, Davis defended his choice of wording, accusing the committee of reaching false conclusions.

“Do not draw the conclusion that because you’ve used the word impact, you have an impact assessment,” he told the committee made up of MPs from across the Commons.

To produce assessments into certain Brexit outcomes could impact individual sectors “was not a sensible use of resources,” Davis told committee chair Hilary Benn.

Davis repeatedly responded with “no” as Benn read out a list of sectors, including aerospace and financial services.

The Conservative minister added that he is “not a fan of economic models because they have all been proven wrong.”