(Photos) Nigerian Slay Queen Scares Internet Users With Her Scary Make-up


    Application of make-up has come to stay whether you like it or not. Even though some women do not ascribe to it and always prefer to look natural, some too can’t  do away with make-up, they’ve become addicted and obsessed with it.

    Some apply it moderately spicing up their beauty while others too apply it to make it look as if they have no mirror in their homes. It is obvious that some women look beautiful with the help of makeup and when washed off, their real face are revealed, whether beautiful or ugly.

    Most slay queens apply it thick like the mortar binding two cement blocks. Meet the unknown Nigerian slay queen scaring internet users with her scary make-up with a ridiculous eye-brows shape.

    See photos below;

    Eii this is too much.

    Nigerian slay queen.

    OMG! check her eyebrows.

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