Pastor Adeboye: RCCG G.O shares beautiful testimony during Holy Ghost Congress


Pastor Adeboye shares great testimony at Holy Ghost Congress

Daddy G.O reveals how a question from God brought about the first Holy Ghost service.

Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye has revealed what led to the first Holy Ghost Service.

Premium Times reports that he shared this story during the ongoing Holy Ghost Congress holding at the church’s Redemption Camp, Km 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

According to him, the first service held in 1986 after God asked him a simple question.


How it happened

Pastor Adeboye said he was asked to pick a birthday gift and this led to the first Holy Ghost Service.

In his words, “I was in London preparing the Sunday school booklet for the mission when I heard from God. He said, ‘Son, what do you want for your birthday?’

“I was shocked. The reason I was shocked was that: I didn’t know God would be interested in my birthday., And secondly, I didn’t know He could be asking me for about what I wanted as a present.

“So I said, ‘Lord if that is you, please repeat the question.’ He assured me it was Him and asked again what I wanted as a birthday present. I replied, ‘What I want is that all my members will get miracles.’

“He asked, ‘Is that’s all?’ I replied: ‘That’s all I want.’ Then He said, ‘In that case when you get home, call them together and I will give them whatever they ask for.’

“I needed to call the service a name, so I asked Him. And He said: ‘Holy Ghost Service.’


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Effect of the first service

The success of the first service eventually to it becoming a regular thing.

Pastor Adeboye said, “What happened at the first Holy Ghost Service was wonderful. And when we finished, my people came to me to request that I consulted God for the service to hold every year. God granted the request.

“But after some time, members of the church suggested that I should request for a monthly Holy Ghost Service. And that was granted.”


Now, members get a Holy Ghost service every month, followed by a congress to wrap up each year.