Over-flipping The Script — Presidential Staffer & Pepper Dem Ministries’ Dr Louise Carol Donkor Suspended For ‘Dissing’ NPP Footsoldiers


A Presidential staffer and very integral member of the Pepper Dem Ministries, Dr Louise Carol Donkor, seems to have over flipped the script and got herself in trouble for a social media battle with the so-called NPP ‘footsoldiers’.

In recent days all we’ve heard about is of a battle between NPP footsoldiers and Dr Donkor and her Pepper Dem defenders with big English on one side and relentless passion on the other.

Apparently it all started when Dr Donkor said on Facebook that she doesn’t try and reason with footsoldiers as she sees them as being nothing but ‘tribalists’.

“You shouldn’t reason with them (footsoldiers). It’s like tribalists.” she said.

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The comment sparked days of social media battle and has ended with her suspension following a directive from the Chief of Staff, Frema Osei-Opare.

According to the letter directing her suspension, her comments “sought to disparage a section of the Ghanaian society, a conduct which is unacceptable to this Office.”

Read her letter of suspension below…