Opinion: Trivia never sleeps (much past 9)


Trivia Never Sleeps (Much Past 9)

Even on Sundays, he cannot let down his trivia regulars, whom he calls his “HQties.” Rogowsky, 33, is also the host of “Running Late With Scott Rogowsky,” a live talk show that takes place on stages throughout the city.

NEW YORK — As the host of “HQ Trivia,” the daily live trivia app, Scott Rogowsky has not had a real vacation since last July, when his sister got married.

Even on Sundays, he cannot let down his trivia regulars, whom he calls his “HQties.” Rogowsky, 33, is also the host of “Running Late With Scott Rogowsky,” a live talk show that takes place on stages throughout the city.

The comedian recently moved to Tribeca, where, he said, he lives with dozens of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons his mother foisted on him.

SIX-HOUR CYCLE: It’s impossible for me to sleep late. I generally wake up around 9, 9:30. I wish I could get a solid nine hours; it’s always around six. I just found out I have sleep apnea.

MORE WHITE, LESS YELLOW: For breakfast I’ll make scrambled eggs, with maybe some chopped turkey or chicken sausage, mixed in with broccoli and kale, whatever I have around. The yolk-to-white ratio is important. One egg yolk to three whites is good.

RETURN ON HIS INVESTMENT: I’ve begun transitioning my “Hoarders”-esque vintage clothing collection — over 3,000 T-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, jackets and hats — into my apartment, where I plan to establish a weekly habit of eBay listings. I like the idea that I bought them for $2 and sold for $20.

CARB-CONSCIOUS: When I go out to brunch now, they have this crispy French toast. Delicious, amazing, but I can’t do it. At the risk of being super boring and annoying, “I’m trying to cut carbs.” I’ll let my friend make the reservation. I’m not too picky about these things.

MATINEE: I like watching movies during the day, especially at the IFC. They have all those great weird movies. Also, I still haven’t seen “Hamilton.” Now, because of my HQ schedule, the Sunday matinee is the only show I can go to. I’m always two years late with the hot Broadway show. Who’s in it? The fourth-generation cast? Is George Hamilton playing Hamilton at this point?

BRICK AND MORTAR: I love grocery shopping. It’s one of my favorite things. I don’t want to become an ordering-food-online person. Dried fruit is a huge part of my diet. Mango, persimmon, banana.

EYE ON THE BALL: Softball season’s here. I haven’t had a chance to play yet this year. Maybe I’ll go to a 1 p.m. Mets game. I’ve always been the guy that goes on StubHub and gets the cheapest ticket possible and moves down, but this season I’m hosting a talk show with Mets players, and they’ve been hooking me up with great seats.

GOOGLE RESEARCH: I’ll go to work around 6 or so, get ready for the game at 9. I’m Googling to know the story behind everything we ask. Pronunciation is also part of it. Early on I screwed up. The artist Paul Klee — K-L-E-E — I called him “Klee” and I got a lot of Twitter feedback: Hey dummy, it’s pronounced “Clay.” They have makeup now, so they come and do a little hair and makeup — a little gel, a little powder.

GOING LIVE: There could be 200 people watching or 2 million — but from my point of view, I’m always talking to the same one camera, so there’s nothing to get nervous about. Sometimes I forget how special it is to be commanding such a large audience, so for the games that attract millions of players, I’ll tape a photo of Obama’s inauguration below the camera to give me perspective. For the smaller turnouts, I’ll use a photo of Trump’s inauguration.

WALK AND TALK: I usually talk to my parents after the 9 p.m. game when I’m walking home. We talk pretty much every day. Some Sundays I visit. They’re 45 minutes away on Metro-North, so it’s very easy. I have my Fitbit, I get my steps. I generally walk or bike everywhere.

SOCIAL DUTIES: I’m always checking email, and now Twitter. For seven years, I tried to tweet at least one joke a day. Now, most of my tweets are about HQ or interacting with HQties.

DIGITAL SLEEP AID: This Fitbit is so great. It tells me when I go to bed. Last Sunday, it was 1 a.m.

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.

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