Only Fornicators Will Support Ebony’s Nudity – DJ Oxzy


    Controversial radio owner, Alfred Kwame Larbi popularly called DJ Oxzy, has lashed out at individuals supporting female dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns over her choice of dressing.
    The ‘Hustler’ hit maker has been widely condemned over her nudity. Some have admonished her not to ride on nudity to sell her brand but focus on her talent. However, others have strongly defended the artiste on the premise that, she is only branding herself to look unique from other performers in her genre.
    But commenting on the issue on GH Entertainment with Agyemang Prempeh as host, DJ Oxzy said those supporting Ebony are fornicators. He said Ebony should differentiate between performing as a musician and dressing seductively or in a manner that is distasteful. He described Ebony as talented but admonished her to be tasteful in the way she dresses.
    Ghana is not like the countries where nudity is encouraged and so she should be guided by that.
    Source: rainbowradio

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