No Peace Of Mind: Man has 7 days to find schoolgirl who went missing in his house


Man has 7 days to find schoolgirl who went missing in his house

There is no peace of mind for a man who was last seen with a schoolgirl described as his lover. The police has ordered him to find the teen after granting him bail.

In Ikorodu, Lagos, the disappearance of a schoolgirl Bilikisu Oseni has caused a big headache for her lover, Wahis who has been ordered to produce her though he does not know  her whereabouts. He has less than seven days to find her.

It was gathered that the missing girl's mother, Fausatu was away to an event in Ogun State when she disappeared.

A dodgy Wahis brought suspicion on himself when he tried to escape from the family of the schoolgirl who launched a search for her but he claims innocence in a Punch News report.

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He suspects Bilikisu Oseni might have visited a different boyfriend when he discharged her after showing him his new apartment.

“On Sunday, I went to pick her from the shop on a motorcycle. I took her to know my new apartment on Igbosoro Road.

“As she got to my place, I got a call that her mother had started complaining and was looking for her. I put her on a motorcycle to return to her mother; I never knew she did not get home. If I had known this would happen, I would have asked her to wait a little at my place or take her to their house myself.

“Some people said they sighted her at Agodo around 1pm. One of her friends, Gloria, told me that she made mention of a boyfriend who stayed alone in the Odogunyan area. I believe she is afraid that her mother will beat her up and she went to stay with the boyfriend. She must be around Odogunyan.

“We started dating in January 2018. The police have given me till Wednesday to produce her and I don’t know where else to go.

“My mother has cried endlessly over this. I have suffered seriously, including police torture. I have spent a lot of money to look for her. I can’t eat or sleep,” Wahis told Punch after getting bail which included an order asking him to find the schoolgirl in seven days.


The mother noted in a comment that she felt uneasy at the Ogun State family event around the time her daughter got missing.

This prompted a quick trip back home.