Nigerian professor ‘solves 156-year-old mathematics problem’


    Opeyemi Enoch

    Opeyemi Enoch (Picture: Opeyemi Enoch)

    A maths problem which has eluded scholars for 156 years has reportedly been solved by a Nigerian professor.

    Dr Opeyemi Enoch, who teaches at the Federal University in the city of Oye Ekiti, could be picking up a $1million (£657,000) prize if his formula is correct.

    Before you go thinking that this is a quick way to get rich, you should understand what exactly Enoch has (possibly) done.

    Enoch believes he has found a solution to the Riemann Hypothesis – a mathematical problem first proposed by German mathematician Bernhard Riemann in 1859.

    It makes up one of the seven ‘millennium problems’, which are a set of problems proposed by the Clay Mathematics Institute in… Read the full story

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