Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku FAILS to Pass Law School Entrance Exams After Finally Graduating With A ‘Discounted’ LLB

    Naa Ashorkor

    Naa Ashorkor

    Ghanaian TV personality Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku made headlines late last year when GhanaCelebrities.Com reported that she could not graduate with her mates from University of Ghana—because she failed so many of her law degree modules.

    Yeah, she may be loud but her head seems a little thick.

    Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku who is ironically hosting a Law talk show despite struggling to even pass her law degree modules decided to re-sit her many failed papers and we’ve learnt that, she finally passed and graduated.

    Considering the many failed papers which she had to re-sit, you can guess what degree she got—but every degree is a degree right?

    Anyway, Naa Ashorkor and failure seem to have a strong bond and she may need Bishop Obinim’s special prayers to break the curse.

    After fighting it hard to graduate with a ‘discounted LLB’, we are told she tried to gain entrance to Ghana’s Law School at Makola for further studies—from where she would have then become a lawyer in Ghana.

    Once again, she failed the entrance examination—which she can re-take next year.

    Currently, Ghanaian actress-Yvonne Okoro and Zynell Zuh are all chasing a degree in law (LLB)—perhaps, inspired by lawyer-Sandra Ankobiah.

    Let’s add that, it was not a smooth journey for Sandra Ankobiah too; she had several re-takes during her days.

    So there is still hope for Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku!

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