Morning Teaser: 'I can no longer stand my husband's high sexual libido'


This worried woman needs your advice (Illustration)

Jemimah and Jude had a regular marriage until he lost his job and resorted to taking sex-enhancing drugs and now, she is taking the toll.

“Dear Pulse,

My name is Jemimah, a 32-year-old woman. I have been married to Jude for five years now but as I write this, I am no more comfortable with his high sexual libido and I fear he will kill me one day.

While we were dating and in the first two years of our marriage, we had a normal sex life. We made love often enough and everything went well until Jude lost his job two years ago and since then, he has turned me into a sex machine.

I don't know how he discovered a particular sex enhancing drink, a kind of bitter alcohol drink and since he started taking the drink, Jude's sexual libido has become something else.

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While other men go out to look for work, my husband would be hanging out with other jobless men, drinking the nonsense drink and when I get home tired and fagged out, he would descend on me as if I were a prostitute.

Most nights, Jude would make love to me almost five times and in the morning while preparing for work, he would also want to have sex before I leave.

The weekends are the worst because he would refuse to allow me to go anywhere and he would have sex with me till I get all sore.

Anytime I complain, he would say that as his legally married wife, he has the right to make love to me anytime he wanted.

It got so bad one day when I was sick and could not even get out of bed but that did not deter my husband as he forced himself on me and even when I fainted, he did not stop.

I know most women will say I should be happy that my husband desires me and wants sex all the time but too much of everything is bad.

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I have begged him to go for sexual therapy but he will have none of that. I am not a sex toy for crying out loud.

These days, I get scared whenever I close from work because I know that my husband would have taken his bitters and would be waiting to pounce on me. I am tired of the whole thing.

What should I do to save myself from this punishment in the hands of my husband?


Dear readers, like they say, one man's meat is another's poison. While some women would love their men to have sex with them regularly, Jemimah is worried about Jude's high libido. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?