Living With The Enemy: American woman comes close to stabbing Nigerian housemate over toilet use


American woman is ready to stab Nigerian housemate over toilet use

A Nigerian man was fearless when confronting an American housemate who bullied his girlfriend.

An American woman came close to stabbing a male Nigerian housemate who tried to protect his girlfriend from her.

A confrontation between the parties was captured in a video shared on IG today. The fight reportedly began due to an act of bullying by the U.S woman.

It was gathered that she taunted the housemate's girlfriend who earlier attempted to use the restroom located in the Chicago apartment.


This prompted a response from the unnamed Nigerian who was supportive to his lover not minding the possibility of being stabbed with a knife.

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The aggressor displayed an attitude of uncontrollable rage just like this sex worker who visited the residence of a customer who owed her money.

Sex worker takes fight to Lekki home of client who refused to pay after service

A sex worker caused a scene at the home of her client located in Chevvy View Estate, Lekki, Lagos.

In a video shared on IG today, a young lady was heard ranting loudly on a street.

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The clip opened with her talking angrily over a debt owed to her by the person she serviced.

A luxury car waited for her as she took the anger to the front of a big house where the customer may be resided.


In Warri, Edo State, a similar incident occurred.