Let’s Talk!! What Do People Really Gain From Being A Cultist?

Hello Guys,

Hope you all are doing great?

Am sincerely not writing this to downgrade or castigate anyone, am just curious to know the reason(s) why some people choose to be a cultist.

Over the years, Cultism has been the greatest problem in most Nigerian higher institutions with many students boasting of belonging to a secret cult to scare lecturers and form big boy on campus.

Fast forward to now, the numbers of Cultists in higher institutions has reduced immensely (someone said Yahoo Yahoo played a great role in this development).

Everyone’s attention has shifted to chasing Money and having a better life while in school instead of wasting their time & life as a cultist.

Well, with the great things & achievements many young guys are unlocking these days, it baffles me when I hear some guys still belong to a cult group. The funniest thing is that new ones are still being initiated daily 😳😳

Well sha, I think Thugs, Illiterates and Riff raffs are the ones who choose to be a Cultist in this time and era.. I lie?

I have a question and I want a candid and sincere response from you all.

Here is my question 👇

What Do People Really Gain From Being A Cultist?

Let’s hear from you all.

Drop your comments.


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