Kitchen Tips: 4 important reasons why you should cook with garlic


If you never considered using garlic to cook before, kindly reconsider this stance.

While we admit that garlic is not the finest smelling ingredient our kitchen will have, the immense health benefits it offers makes up for its less than pleasant smell.

Garlics are generally more beneficial when 

Here are 6 reasons why you should cook with garlic:


  1. It’s great for the heart: Garlics help to thin the blood to diminish and protect against clots, thus allowing iron to flow better through the body and opens up vessels. It also protects the blood vessel walls, all of which protect the heart.

  2. Serves as a natural antibiotic: Garlics can help fight against bacteria and viruses associated with colds and flu. It may also be helpful in alleviating candida yeast conditions.

  3. Great detoxifyer: They also help trigger the liver to release toxins from the body, while at the same time protecting the liver from harm. It further helps in clearing out and maintaining healthy lungs and stomach.

  4. It offers great taste: Above all garlics offer great seasoning and spice to a meal. Boil your meat with garlics for tastier broths and sauces.