Kaduna’s Competency Test Shows Symptom Of Systemic Decay, Says Amadi

Mr Amadi

A lecturer at the Baze University, Mr Sam Amadi has said that the result of the competency test conducted by the Kaduna State Govt is a clear indication of a systemic decay in the nation’s education.

He made this known while appearing on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Wednesday.

“The decay is deeper than we think. This is a symptom of systemic decay and now let us watch our policymakers and managers how they manage it,” he said in Abuja.

Mr Amadi, who is also a former Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, advised stakeholders in the industry not to play politics with the issues at stake that need immediate attention.

While stating that he was shocked to realise that the affected teachers could not pass the test, he, however, maintained that they are now victims because they have been found out.

He added, “When you hear about 22,000 teachers not being able to pass perhaps the most basic rudimentary test for even students, it is shocking.

“Those thousands of teachers in Kaduna are victims of a system. They are also scapegoats because they have been found out; perhaps there are many others who are not yet found out across the state.

“We can look at it from a point of view that this is a scandal, Kaduna State is ruined or we can see it as an opportunity (to correct the rot).”

The lecturer also cited the instance of a lecturer in a Nigerian university due to being promoted to a professor which was discovered that she did not have a secondary school certificate initially.

This he claims is not good for the system because being pushed when lacking the requisite qualification will reveal one’s level of incompetence.

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