Ibrahim Idris: The moment mobile policemen called IGP 'a thief' in Maiduguri


The protesting mobile policemen accused IGP Ibrahim Idris of not approving the payment of allowances due them since they were posted to Maiduguri.

Socio-economic activities in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, were disrupted on Monday, July 2, 2018, as hundreds on Mobile Policemen posted to the troubled area took to the highway to protest seven months non-payment of their allowances.

The aggrieved policemen, who blocked the Maiduguri-Kano Highway, also accused the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, of “selling promotion to those who have connections”, according to Sahara Reporters.

They sang songs of rebellion, chanting 'IG is corrupt!' 'IG is a thief!' 'Where are our allowances?' 'Buhari is a good man but IG has eaten our allowances!' 'Buhari must hear this!'


All the public schools around the Borno State Police Command were forced to join their protests, abandoning their academic activities. The schools include Ramat Polytechnic, Government College, Sir Kashim Ibrahim College of Education and Umar Mustapha Arabic College.

The leader of aggrieved policemen who craved anonymity said many could no longer perform their duties as fathers.

“We have about 50 squadrons here. We are all visiting mobile policemen. Can you imagine that we have not been paid our allowances for seven months? Some of our personnel here lost their children simply because they could not afford health services. 

“Just go inside the commands, you would see where some of our personnel have been sleeping for months. They brought us here for special service but we have subjected to slavery here. Soldiers are receiving their monthly allowances plus three meals per day, but we don't enjoy such. We demand explanations,” the cop declared.


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The policemen lamented that since their arrival in Borno state, “they had been subjected to inhumane treatment by IGP Idris”

They called on President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate the IGP for “his role in the corruption and backdoor promotion” in the command. 

“We want President to know our plight and address it,” another policeman said. “We also want the President to investigate those who are buying promotion and it should be reversed,”  the aggrieved cop said.

The IGP had shunned Senate invitation to brief Nigerians on the actions of the Police aimed at addressing the killings in the country three times in a row.