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I Used To Be A Chronic Stammerer – Ik Ogbonna

Popular film actor, IK Ogbonna has revealed that he used to be a chronic stammerer whenever he speaks to the extent of hitting his head on the floor before completing a single sentence.

In the recent interview when he was asked about the challenges he faced while starting up, He said:

I was a very chronic stammerer; I had to hit my foot on the floor before I could complete a sentence.

I worked on it so much that you can hardly tell now when I talk and I thank my father for that. It affected my confidence level and how I related with people. Back then, when I saw people around, I kept quiet because I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

At the time I started presenting on TV, I had worked on myself so well that people couldn’t tell if I was a stammerer or not. However, there are still days it comes and I find it difficult to control myself. But some directors that know me well just give me a few minutes to calm down.

He also revealed the amount he was paid for his first movie.

I was paid N50,000 and the title of the movie is Lovelorn by Rukky Sanda. I won’t say how much I charge now but I am well paid as an actor.



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