Huddah Monroe: "Rather than divorce, stay single and have one night stands" – Kenyan star says


    Huddah Monroe

    Huddah Monroe she says no woman should leave her “good” husband because he cheated…

    Popular Kenyan bad girl, Huddah Monroe is going candid about her thoughts on cheating and divorce and she says no woman should leave her “good” husband because he cheated… at least she wouldn’t!

    The former Big Brother housemate posted an honest message about divorce on her Instagram page on November 18 narrating why her friend left her husband and what she thinks about it.

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    Beneath the written message, Huddah captioned: “These are my thoughts. What’s yours ? I posted this for the comments LMFAO! If you don’t want to be cheated on , buy some dildos like Waiguru and f**k yourself coz the next man these days is like the first.”

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    She didn’t end there. The socialite added that, “Stay with him and use protection or leave and stay single , that’s upto you . The ratio of Woman to man is 3-1 and there’s Too many hot gals out here, he won’t cry a river for you my dear ! You are allowed to call me all sorts of names . I know REALITY is too harsh for most of you! LOL! It’s 2015 going on to 2016 , someone needs to remind you of these things!”

    Do you agree with Miss Huddah?

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