How The House Help Ruined My Relationship 4


klcmzcdchafar56333c1472397-300x216My heart kept thumbing when I realized there was a third person in the room with them who was holding a towel. I called out for Frank and he turned to look at me with a blank look. After he saw me I walked off and i could hear him calling out for me but I didn’t reply as I ran off to pick a taxi. I kept wondering  what to make of the situation. Even though  there was a third person  I just couldn’t  believe  my eyes and kept wondering  what to make of it. The events were unfolding  too fast and the more I thought  about it the more confused I felt. My phone kept ringing  and I didn’t  have the urge to pick it up. When I got to my apartment Eugene was standing  there as soon as he asked what was wrong I burst into tears and he held on to me. I cried on his shoulders  and didn’t  realize  when he picked keys from my  bag and ushered me into the hall. I sat in the sofa and I was out of breath because I didn’t  have the strength  to sob anymore. I always  knew I loved Frank but it was when he hurt  me that I realized  how much love I had for him.
I fell asleep  on the sofa and woke up around  3 am to realize  Eugene  had  left a note  on the table
” am going  home and I will be back very early at dawn to see you, take care”. I got up from the sofa to do some work I brought  home for the research  I was doing  at my company. I worked till 5 m and started  getting  ready for work; I took some breakfast dressed in bright colors  to cheer me up. I decided to put up a positive  mood for work  and also forget the events  of the previous  day. I was deciding  whether  or not to drive when I heard a knock on my door; it was Eugene. He offered to be my chauffeur  for the day so I agreed and he drove me to work, as I alighted from his car he insisted  he takes me out for lunch and I agreed.
At noon he was there to pick me up and we had a meal, talked about our lives but he never asked what happened  the previous  day. After work he picked me and drove me home, I invited  him in and we had supper together. He left around  8pm. After he left and I was alone then I realized Frank had not called me since morning  which was strange but I decided  to keep it that way.  It was Thursday night so I called my mom  to tell her i would be  coming over for the weekend  at Kumasi. After work on Friday Eugene drove me to the bus station  and I picked a bus to Kumasi.
I got home around 9 pm bad everyone  was there to welcome me, they were so excited to see me. I felt the love I needed and it felt great to be with my family. At dawn I heard a knock on my door and my mother  entered. She looked at me carefully  and said she knew something  was wrong and she wanted to hear it. I wanted to hide it from my mum but had been dying  inside in what to do say I opened up to her. I told her every detail  on what happened  with Frank; she listened quietly and said she would talk to me again before my departure. I felt at peace after sharing my predicament  with my mother because she was able to understand  me in ways no one could.
She advised  me on Sunday  dawn to go see Frank and sort things out if I really  loved him and that I shouldn’t  give up on him. Mother  asked me to patiently ask him to explain, listed carefully  and then make up with him. I agreed and dad dropped me off at the bus station  all he said was that ” bye dear remember  whatever you  cherish is worth fighting  for, I love you and safe journey.”
I picked the bus put my headphones  on as I listened  to music and planning  on how to get back with Frank. I got to my apartment  at 4pm I changed my clothes and then called Frank  that I was coming  over to see him; he agreed and I drove to his house. I knocked  on the gate and the house help opened the gate, without  waiting  for her to say anything  I walked in and she didn’t  try to stop me either. I went to the hall to meet Frank sitting  there and I hugged him with a kiss be can it’s been long and I just couldn’t  help myself  when I looked at him.We sat there talking  when I realized  the house help was standing  and staring at us. I looked up at her with a stare of dominance and within seconds  she had left, then I turned to Frank to sort things  out with him so I asked we went to his room . When we entered guess who was there…….


Monica  Otumfuor