How The House Help Ruined My Relationship 3


klcmzcdchafar56333c1472397-300x216My excitement  knew no bounds as I prepared the food in expectation for Frank; I prepared his favorite  meal. After preparing the meal i called him to come over so we celebrate  my new car. He told me he had to be at home because the maid just called that there was an emergency  at home and he needed to be there after work. I was so sad but I didn’t  want to make him realize it so I just said ok.
I sat there quietly thinking  of what to do with all the food when my phone rang it was my friend Desmond. Desmond  was also my mate in school and we were in the same class, we even did our project  work together  with Justina. He asked if I was at home and I invited him over because  I needed company  to forget what was going  on.
Desmond  came with his friend  Eugene  whom I met for the first time, we exchanged pleasantries and I asked them to sit at the table to eat. I served them with the food and they kept talking  about  work and I actually  was absent minded in the conversation because  I wished it was Frank.
Eugene  took my contact  and he commended my culinary   skills. Eugene  is an engineer  at Tema oil refinery, good sense of  fashion, tall, dark and good looking as well.
In the morning  I was about  to leave for work when my phone rang, I picked and it was my new friend  Eugene who offered to take me for lunch but I turned down with an excuse.
Frank also called and said we will meet after work to eat at our favorite  restaurant in Town, I agreed and went out to pick a taxi when I recalled I had a car. I went back inside to pick my car keys to my Chevrolet  and drove off with excitement  to the office. As soon as I entered  the office they all started talking  about my car and giving me some fans about the new car.
I met Frank and we hugged so tightly It felt as if I hadn’t  seen him for a year, we kissed and sat to take our dinner. We ate rice and we’re waiting  for our dessert when Frank’s  phone rang. After he spoke with the person he told me that the maid just called that she was very sick and needed help to go to the hospital because  she was alone. According  to Frank  she sounded weak so he had to end the date and go attend  to her. I tried to convince  him I wanted to go with him but he insisted  I go home and that he would  call me.
I was so furious  that  this girl had come in between us once again. I needed  to straighten  things with her woman to woman so I decided  to make sure I put her in a place.  Frank paid the bill and rushed out of the restaurant.
I sat there thinking  and wondering  what to do next when Eugene  called, we talked for some minutes about work and he asked to visit me. I refused  and went home straight  to bed and slept after taking some sedatives. I woke up in the morning  feeling  weak because  of the medication so I took a heavy breakfast and went off to work without  my car. I was sitting  at my desk when Eugene entered, I checked  the time and it was noon. He smiled and walked on to my manager’s  office after a while he came out with him and they hugged  as he left. I was a little  confused so I went my manager and asked how she knew Eugene  and she replied it was her brother , he came to ask about some personal  issues. I went back to my desk and then decided to call Frank and check up on him, we talked and he said the girl was at the hospital yesterday  but discharged  by morning. I asked if we could  meet but he told me he had to get some things  done at home since the house help was sick. After close of work I packed my bag and headed for Frank’s house to check what was going  on by myself. I knocked no one answered  but the gate wasn’t  locked so I entered. I saw Frank’s car parked outside and went to his room but he wasn’t  there, I went to the outhouse where the maid slept and heard some funny sounds. I walked closer and it was getting  louder;I kept wondering  if it was a sound of pain or pleasure. I tried  opening  the door but it was locked so I knocked but no answer. I walked to the widow and I saw Frank Massaging Akua the house help; my heart missed a beat…….


Monica  Otumfuor