Holly Holm rebukes Ronda Rousey haters like a true champion




    Holly Holm knocked out UFC icon Ronda Rousey this weekend to shock the world and earn herself a championship belt

    She’s been equally impressive outside the octagon since

    Speaking to TMZ Sports this week, Holm resisted any easy opportunity to take some post-fight digs at Rousey. Instead, she defended her vanquished foe, as seen in the video above. (And, unlike those of another Rousey antagonist, Floyd Mayweather, Holms’ kind words actually seem genuine.)

    Here’s a transcript of what Holms said

    Ronda’s been a very dominant champ and she’s taken the sport to new levels. This fight wouldn’t’ve happened if she hadn’t accomplished what she’s accomplished, so I have a lot of respect for her. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to give away any bit of my victory, so I’ll take it. I’ll take the win and I’ll take that I took it dominantly. That doesn’t mean that I wish any harm on her. That doesn’t mean that I wish any hate on her. I think people can be pretty brutal, and when you’re in the spot that she’s in, there are people who are just going to jump ship and I don’t ever wish for that.

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