Here's what Square is telling people to get them to buy its stock




Square’s pitch in a nutshell: We help businesses start up and grow. Then they help us grow. Then it repeats. And it’s all approved by Magic Johnson

Just look at the company’s video “roadshow,” a sales pitch to convince people to buy its stock

Jack Dorsey smiles easily and lets out a loud chuckle early on like you’re just having a fun, friendly conversation over dinner and drinks. His hipster Lincoln beard is now closely trimmed and he’s sporting a crisp black t-shirt that would make any Silicon Valley engineer proud.

“We actually went to the dictionary and we found the word ‘square.’ And we found these very interesting phrases, one of which is fair and square,” Dorsey, the cofounder and CEO of Square, says on camera, with folksy charm and the kind of plain white background you usually see in Apple product videos. “That was great because we wanted to bring more fairness to the system.” Read more…

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