Help Me! Husband begs court to save him from violent wife


    A broken marriage is like a broken egg

    A pastor has begged a court in Lagos to save him from his violent wife by way of a divorce.

    A 65-year-old man of God, Pastor Kunle Akinseyi, has begged an Igando Customary Court sitting in Lagos State to save him from the hands of his violent wife, Titilope, so that she would not kill him as she has been battering him in the 32 years they have been married, reports Tribune.

    Pastor Akinseyi narrated in tears that if the court does not nullify his marriage which produced six children, he could end up being killed by his wife who has turned him into a punching bag at the slightest provocation.

    “I live every minute of my life in fear; save me from the cruel hands of my wife; I have suffered so much in silence. Anytime we have a misunderstanding, she beats the hell out of me. Most times, it is our neighbours that always come to rescue me from her hands.

    My wife’s hobby is fighting; she fights me and neighbours regularly, and because of her frequent fighting, we are always ejected from any house we rent.”

    But the 56-year-old wife debunked her husband’s allegations, saying she has never raised her fingers on him since they were married.

    “I have not raised my hands against my husband since the beginning of our marriage. He is just an irresponsible man who has refused to cater for his family.

    When I got pregnant with our sixth child, he denied the pregnancy; he went to my family in the village and told them that I was carrying a bastard child and that they should come and take me.

    He refused to give me money for ante-natal, so, I delivered my baby in the house. It is our first born that has been training the boy till now.

    He wants to divorce me so that he can marry another woman.”

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