Google Assistant: You can now call someone in the house without shouting, thanks to Google


Patience Ozokwo

Google has changed the game for Nigerian parents forever.

Google just announced a new feature that works with Google Assistant and Google Home, that lets you broadcast messages across the house.

Remember how your mum would yell your name from two countries away, only for you to arrive, and then they send you on another errand in the direction you’re coming from? Google is changing the game completely.



Starting on Monday, November 13, you’ll now be able to broadcast your voice from Google Assistant on your phone or Google Home. This will work like an intercom, where your Google Home does all the shouting for you. The messages that need ‘intercomming’ will start with a broadcast instruction.

So let’s say your mum is going out and she’s ready to leave, she’ll just tell her phone:

OK Google, broadcast “once I enter the car, I’m not waiting for anybody!”

That message will broadcast to every speaker in the house that’s compatible with Google Assistant. 

You know the best part? It can even work outside the home. So your mum could legit be on her way back from work and, she’ll just say:

OK Google, broadcast “bring the stew out of the freezer and Wale, boil rice before I get home. I’m on my way.”

Your Google Assistant will automatically relay this message to your Google Home speakers, and do the magic. This is the ultimate Nigerian parent’s dream. 

But there’s one problem,

Google is not officially selling these devices, or any other devices for that matter, in Nigeria. But I checked Jumia Global, and it looks like they can help you buy it from halfway across the world. 

This option is currently available in English language settings in The U.S, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.