FIFA slaps Egyptian giants Zamalek with $30,000 fine over unpaid Junior Agogo salary


    FIFA has slapped Egyptian giants Zamalek with a $30,000 fine for failing to pay the late unpaid wages of former Ghana striker Junior Agogo.

    The Cairo-based side were given the deadline of Thursday to pay the $450,000 owed the powerful striker or face punishment.

    Agogo received a letter from FIFA ordering Zamalek to pay him his remaining wages which valued around $450,000 for cancelling his contract without paying him compensation.

    However, Zamalek failed to pay the money which has forced FIFA to step in and hand down the punishment of $30,000 to force Zamalek to pay the ailing player.

    Zamalek were warned by FIFA about the consequences of failing to the pay the striker  by the given deadline of the end of November but the club neglected the order.

    The Egyptian side now have three months to pay all the monies owed the player  of they will suffer a six-points deduction on the league table.

    The Ghanaian joined Zamalek from English side Nottingham Forest in the summer of 2008 but terminated his contract with the Whites just nine months after joining them due to unpaid dues.

    Agogo only featured on 11 occasions, scoring just three goals for the team.

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