Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Naive Oluchi babysits the virgin Chike [Part 13]


Things have been moving real fast with Adanna and Chike, they’ve gone as far as phone sex, and there is a plan for Friday night for her to come over.

Despite numerous diverse and elaborate sexual fantasies, never had Chike really thought that a truly stunning woman would ever want to have any sort of sex with him.

But kneeling in front of him was a bona fide fantasy woman. She had shoulder-length hair, dark eyes and a wide generous smile. She was tall with a perfect arse and large breasts. And she had his dick in her mouth.

At first when Oluchi had come to babysit him for three weeks while his mum was away on holiday, Chike had been outraged. He was nineteen and could look after himself.

But when Oluchi had begun to casually masturbate him for no more reason than because he liked it, he started to see the upside of her staying.

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And when she starting sucking him off and then letting him fuck her up her arse, he decided that maybe having a babysitter wasn't so bad.

Of course, he knew that it wasn't his appearance or personality that had seduced her to a position of such immense sexual goodwill. Instead she found him at a low decline in terms of his confidence with girls and, through of a strange combination of affection and pity, had decided to boost his self-assurance in as direct a way as could be imagined.

And, even beyond the regular blowjobs, boobs-wanks and ass-fucks, it had paid dividends already.

Adanna, one of the most beautiful girls in his class at school, had agreed to go out with him; they had a lovely evening resulting in her sucking his dick. Since then, they spent most of the weekend on the phone, gradually increasing their level of flirtation until it had become full-on dirty phone sex.

Although this was the first time that she called during a blowjob from Oluchi.

He knew that the polite thing to do was to ask Adanna to call back or ask Oluchi to stop. But he rationalised that he would have just had a wank anyway while he talked to Adanna, so he sneakily asked Oluchi to keep on sucking. He felt slightly guilty but what Adanna didn't know wouldn't hurt her, he reasoned as Oluchi began to move her head at phenomenal pace.

“Oh, Chike, I'm coming!” He heard Adanna gasp down the phone.

“Me too!” He groaned as he heard her orgasm. He pulled Oluchi's head towards him, pushing himself down her throat as he ejaculated abundantly.

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After a few moments, Adanna breathed contentedly down the phone, “Mmmm, Chike. That was nice. I can't wait to see you tomorrow at school.”

“Me neither. Adanna, do you think we can maybe meet up after school? It would be nice to get some time on our own together.”

“Chike! I know what you want, you dirty bastard,” Adanna laughed.

“You'll have to wait though. I've got a thesis to do by the end of the week and I need the evenings to finish it. But I promise I'll make up for it on Friday night. Are we still going to be able to use your house?”

Chike had already agreed with Oluchi that she make herself scarce so that he and Adanna would be able to come back to his mum's house to get some time alone. In fact, Oluchi had been very supportive, saying, “Chike, she sounds like a horny babe! Looks like you're on course, darling.”

He continued, “Yes! My mum's friend is going out that night so we'll have the place to ourselves.” He smiled down at Oluchi as she licked him clean.

“Great! I can't wait to feel you inside me. Anyway got to go! Bye!” Adanna giggled as she hung up.

“Adanna! Adanna! damn!” he said as he put the phone down. “She's such a tease!”

“Good for her,” Oluchi replied as she pulled herself up onto the chair next to him.

“It's not like she's over-promising and under-delivering, lover.”

“Oh, no, she's great. In fact she just told me that she wants me inside her! Oh, Oluchi, I can't believe how wonderful you've made me feel. Everything's going so well,” He uttered. But even as he said the words he had a stab of apprehension remembering that, in just one week, Oluchi would be gone.

Over the last two weeks, he had more sex than he had ever dreamed possible, performing virtually every sexual act he could imagine with Oluchi except for full vaginal penetration. On top of that she had also set him up beautifully, transforming his appearance and giving him the confidence to talk to girls and to make them laugh.

But by next Saturday night his mum would be back and she will be gone.

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Of course, things were going fantastically with Adanna but he was realistic enough to know that once Oluchi was gone, he would never again have a living goddess at his beck and call, willing to fulfil almost any fantasy he wanted.

However, despite her liberal attitude to sex and her generous viewpoint on sharing her body, Oluchi was unusually old-fashioned about taking Chike's virginity. She felt that he should lose it to someone his own age, that somehow it would be wrong for her to steal his cherry, even though she was only few years older than him.

Chike didn't really understand it but she was adamant and he promised he wouldn't take advantage of her even when she was in the throes of passion and quite possibly more than willing to agree to full penetration.

Having said that, she had matter-of-factly promised that if he lost his virginity this week then he could fuck her as many times as he wanted, for as long as he wanted and in any position he wanted.

So, even though she would be gone soon, Chike knew he had a damn good chance of having her; Adanna had virtually promised him that they would fuck on Friday night. And after that, Oluchi was his. His dick twitched at the thought.

“Oh, I see there's life left in him, after all,” Oluchi joked.

“If you can wait until after dinner, we'll try out another position. My butt has recovered from that pounding you gave it this morning and I quite fancy it with me on top.”

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Chike groaned in lust. Shit, life was great.