Emmanuel Macron: Video of France President blowing pidgin is exciting Nigerians


Video of Emmanuel Macron blowing pidgin is exciting Nigerians

France President Emmanuel Macron has spoken flawless pidgin and Nigerians are so impressed with that.

France President Emmanuel Macron is already flavor of the month in Nigeria (and we are still in the 1st week of July!). He can do no wrong in Africa's most populous nation at the moment.

Macron has been a hit among Nigeria’s youngsters, he’s checked into the Afrika Shrine in mainland Lagos, he’s rolled up his sleeves, he’s danced on stage, he's saluted the boundless energy of Nigeria's youth and now he’s spoken pidgin English! Flawlessly as well.

What's there not to love?

“My name na Emmanuel Macron, na me be the President of France and I dey kampe in Lagos today”, Macron said in a video clip that has now gone viral.

You can do no wrong in Nigeria if as a foreign dignitary or politician, you are able to flow in Nigeria’s pidgin (ask Ogbeni Bill Gates). And now, Twitter can't seem to get enough of the 40-year-old French President.


It also doesn’t hurt that Macron interned at the French Embassy in Lagos, 15 years ago. He really is some 'home boy', no?

In 2002, Macron also spent six months in Abuja as an intern at the French embassy.

He really has been at home here, hasn’t he? To paraphrase the France President “the man dey kampe for Lagos and for Nigeria”.

Macron began his two-day visit to Nigeria on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.