Dimma Umeh: Check out the ultimate 'no-makeup' make-up tutorial


Dimma Umeh shows us how to get the no-makeup makeup look

Beating your face without looking like you have is a skill and beauty influencer Dimma Umeh is here to help you nail the look.

No-makeup makeup is an elusive, confusing thing, because 99-percent of the time, it requires way more time and effort than your usual night-out look but fear not, beauty influencer Dimma Umeh is here so check out the ultimate 'no-makeup' make-up tutorial.

Trying to fool people into thinking your skin is naturally perfect and glowing and magical takes a level of trickery which takes time, precision and more importantly, skill.

But just because no-makeup makeup isn’t for the lazy, it also should not require three years of beauty school to master. Luckily, once you get the hang of it you’ll realise it’s actually quite easy and painless.

Nigerian beauty vlogger Dimma Umeh is known for her flawless, radiant skin and if you want to get in on the game, watch her tutorial below so you too can look like you're glowing from within.

Check it out!