Crook! Woman who faked blindness begs for life when a mob caught her


Woman who faked blindness begs for life when a mob caught her

A mob in Ikorodu left a woman at its mercy after she was discovered to have faked her blindness.

A woman who pretended to be blind had no choice other than beg for her life when a mob caught her in Ikorodu, Lagos.

The fraudster was captured with her son who seemed aggressive towards a crowd ready to attack his mum.


In a clip shared via IG today, the woman who had earlier wore a dark shade was without one.

All she had was her voice of plea which hoped may appease the group.

Fake beggar in suit manhandled by Ondo policemen

In Akure, Ondo State, two policemen have been captured in a video which showed them in an attempt to arrest a blind man described as fake.

The panhandler who was dressed in suit seemed to be helpless as one of the cops dragged him aggressively by his suit.

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An intervention by some observers who were filmed in the act of mediation had failed to save the man whose black shades stayed glued to his face while the chaotic scene went on.

A clip shared via Instablogja's IG on Monday, May 28, 2018, contained scenes of drama which offered a side attraction to a market audience.

Begging is a rampant activity noticeable in various location across Nigeria's vast land.


It ensured an embarrassing moment for a man who made up a body injury in order to get attention.