Consequences: Zimbabwe rangers track down and kill croc which bit off tennis player's arm


Zimbabwe’s wildlife management confirmed the death a crocodile while attacked a tennis player few days to her wedding.

Game rangers in Zimbabwe have tracked down and killed a crocodile which reportedly bit off the arm of a tennis player, Zanele Ndlovu.

A statement offered by Tinashe Farawo, a spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority confirmed this according to News 24.

“We have since managed to track and kill the crocodile because since it tasted human blood it was bound to be a problem,” the statement reads.


The victim, Ndlovu who shared her experiences in a BBC report, was reportedly attacked by the croc five days to her wedding.

This however did not prevent the union held on the ground of an unconfirmed hospital where she received treatment.

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Dog which ate German masters alive to equally die

The authorities in Germany's city of Hannover have decided on a death sentence for a Staffordshire terrier, Chico, which reportedly killed its masters.

An autopsy result confirmed that the animal indeed mauled victims, a mother and her son, 52 and 27 respectively, to death.

Both were challenged by mobility and good health according to the German Press Agency (DPA).

Their corpses were discovered at their apartment on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.


A neighbour had spotted a dead body through a window and shortly informed authorities. Efforts made by the daughter of the deceased mum also proved helpful to police.

The rate of dog attacks on humans in Germany has become a major concern. It has inspired the government to take measures aimed at curbing deaths.