Appyday – Pamper You Shege

    Appyday – Pamper You Shege

    Appyday – Pamper You Shege

    “Backing his successful outing at the just concluded Norway’s Got Talent being the only West African that got to the semifinals of the competition Appyday is set to trill his fans around the world with this sizzling and catchy love jam titled ‘Pamper You Shege’

    The song talks about how the singer is looking for his dream woman and how he is traveling all over the world in search of her and promises to spoil her with love and care (Pamper her shege).

    The Norway based Nigerian music sensation is also dedicating the song Pamper you shege to those in search of love .

    The video of Pamper you shege is already in progress and expected to drop January/February 2018.

    Appyday traveled to the End Of The World to shoot some parts of the video . He is presently on set at locations in Norway filming the winter scenes of the video, he is making the video with top Norwegian cinematographer named Marcus Karkash.

    Pamper you shege captures the hopes of everyone who desires to find the love of their lives.

    Connect with Appyday on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @iamappyday.
    Or visit

    Download Pamper you shege below.”


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