2face Idibia: Why we love 2face Idibia


2face Idibia

2face is one musician that is endearing to the hearts of many and over the years have continue to be loved and admired.

2face Idibia is unarguably one of the greatest musicians to have come out from Africa with his style of artistry.

His songs have become evergreen contents as he doesn't even need to make a new record for us to continue to appreciate him.

2face from his days as a member of the now-defunct group, Plantainshun boyz was seen as the special one. Everyone liked his verses of all their songs. When he decided to go on a solo career, it didn't take long before we began to see how amazing and talented he is. From his hit song “African Queen” to his conscious music which he has been able to use to preach on a lot of social issue in Nigeria, 2face has shown over the years that he is one versatile artist.


2face is seen as the very nice and down to earth guy who doesn't even act like a celebrity or star and he has been able to win the hearts of a lot of people. He is charming and is always happy and easy going.

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Ever been to a 2face concert of an event where he is going to perform? Trust the excitement from the fans and crowd is beyond amazing. His stage performance is top notch. He is one of those performers whose performance with live bands is epic. The synergy between him and his band the way he carries the crowd along is breath-taking.


Now when you take a look at his family front, you cant but admire from afar. From his wife, Annie Idibia whose marriage to 2face despite his fathering other children before their union is seen as one made in heaven and highly endorsed by their teaming fans and admirers.


Remember when 2face wanted to spearhead the protest against the Nigerian government over the poor state of affairs of the nation, the support he got from people was massive even though he pulled out at the last minute.


We cant but just admire his successful career which has spanned over two decades and doesn't look like he is slowing down or retiring anytime soon.