Rocktoberfest: Rock music event to showcase more exciting bands at 2017 edition


The Rocktoberfest music event will be running in its third year come October 2017.

The musical concert which is running for the third year has given a lot of exposure to rock and alternative bands.

Rocktoberfest has been a major haven for lovers of the unique genre of music called rock as well as offering an avenue for exposure to new bands.

The concert, which began in the year 2015 has seen an increase in the number of attendance recently with a huge rise in its awareness percentage. Despite this, the level of patronage is still considered low when compared to other categories of music.


It has however led to the discovery of bands who make use of the platform to showcase their awesome talent.

The annual event isn't just about the music. It is also an opportunity for the display of the popular culture associated with rock music.

Followers of the genre who are mainly young, energetic youths see it as a time to express their eccentric personality through gothic dressing style, graffiti and body arts.

Last year's edition which saw the likes of Clayrocksu, 1 Last Autograph, Nathmac, Johnny Drille perform was such a great delight for fans.

The latter's signing to Mavin Records has sort of raised the appreciation for Alternative music which is a less intense version of rock.

Some of his colleagues who haven't quite had the opportunity to operate on such high level now have strong hopes of an imminent breakthrough.


Nathmac is also doing great in his promotion of the brand. He recently scored a nomination in the Best Artiste in African Rock category of the 2017 All Africa Music Awards. He is the only Nigerian on a list which had Skinflint from Botswana and Ghana's Dark Suburb who are no stranger to being selected in the grouping.

But can they break the 'voodoo' that has seen them return home empty handed for the past three years? A response to this is best answered come November 2017, but Nigerian fans will be hopeful the award goes to one of their own.

Years of consistency has seen rock surpass the expectations of critics who have often dismissed the genre as incapable of competing in the music market.

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It appears ready to go beyond the limits which has been set for it by pundits thanks to the uniquely gifted artistes that are leading the charge to popularize it.

The close relationship between fans and these musicians is something worthy of note and helps for a better appreciation of their efforts.