She Deleted Her Whatsapp Account Because Of This


I met this flashy girl and I opined that a strange tactic is what I need to have her.

There was a day we were chatting and she started acting big. I used mild ridicule to deflate her ego and she fell for it. Then there was a day she was waiting for bus. I rode my bike past her and she stopped me but I intentionally didn’t wait. She felt like nobody despite being very classy. I chatted her up and told I was going the same route but I was in hurry.

Five days later, I told her we should hang out the following day and she said she hope I have enough to spend taking her type out. I knew she was joking but I told I would rather spend big on pets. She became angry and I used very insulting lines to show her I be baba when it comes to insults.

She fell for it again. Note that I like her. Three days later, I told her that I’m sorry for making her angry. She immediately deleted her whatsapp account.

She could have simply blocked me. Now should we say she wants me to use physical chats and not online chats again?

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